Small Business EVERYday

I hope you do a little shopping at my website, but I’ll be just as happy if you find other unique art to collect and give. Here are a few folks I love to get you started. I’ll keep adding to the list, so check back!

Joshua Coffy

Fantastical animals with a mythic flair. Original paintings, prints and small gift items from one of the most generous souls you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet.

Gregory Story Modern Clay

If you’ve ever admired my (wall) balls, and many of you have, maybe it’s time to get your own!

Balls, tiles, platters, sweet hearts for your sweethearts…

Dianne Hoffman

Dianne Hoffman Art

Mixed media magician, and anchor of the San Francisco art community. Sculpture and collage to stir your imagination.

See Saw Project

On FaceBook

Kina Crow, Beth Bojarski, and Chris Dahlquist – artists and friends pioneering new ways to come together with the chronically curious. To feed your hunger for art with a peek behind the curtain – virtual events, studio tours and artist interviews. Check out the fantastic profiles of these artists and their wonderful Shout Outs to artists they enjoy. Archived videos are on YouTube Channel. If you miss art fairs, as an artist or a collector, you have to check this out.


Plantillo Website

Home decor inspired by nature.

Feeling confined? Bring some of the outdoors in! I guarantee your succulent pillow will be a conversation starter on Zoom!

Oh, and she has great masks!

Sarah Hassler

Sarah Hassler Design

A fresh website for my go-to jeweler and friend and studio neighbor. Her work is unique and wearable. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. In a good way.

Jennifer Cavan

Original oil pastels. Jennifer does some miniatures once in a while, but you have to JUMP or they’re gone, so follow her!

3 Fish Studios

3 Fish Website

The shop in the Sunset is closed, and I will miss the fantastic hours I spent there at work and play, but Eric and Annie are creating new and wonderful work, and their website is full of great gifts.

Maggie Hurley

Maggie’s Website

I’ve become more interested in bird-watching during quarantine, and it’s given me an even greater appreciation for Maggie’s skill and observation. Whether detailed, impressionistic or whimsical, her work captures the spirit of her subjects. Original paintings and very giftable prints.

Here’s a hot tip– if you like an artist’s work, get on their mailing list! A lot of artists are adapting to this time by producing smaller work or limited prints or having great sales. You will never know about these fantastic opportunities unless you follow the artist or get their mailings.

Johnny Botts

Johnny’s Online World

Uh-Oh. I went to Johnny’s site to get the link, and now I’m shopping. I have a lovely big Botts in my kitchen and it makes me smile every day.

Ayala Naphtali Jewelry Designer

Ayala Jewelry

I love wearing Ayala’s beautiful pieces. She works with unique materials, like this dyed coconut shell, and requisite lines. From everyday pieces to statement wearable art, you are sure to find something for yourself or for a gift. Or both.

Lisa Telling Kattenbraker

Lisa Untitled

Contemporary American Batik. I love the meticulous way Lisa creates using a blend of traditional textile techniques. Her images radiate peace, love, and strength. And don’t we all need that? Hot Tip: she sometimes has small original pieces, and lovely reproductions that are super affordable.

Buying from independent artists, small businesses, theaters, and music makers NOW shapes the way our world will look when we are free to mix and mingle again.

Betsy and Iya

Betsy and Iya online

“Beautiful things made by people who care.” I get all warm and fuzzy about this enterprise. I met Betsy and Will on Crete in 2001, and I’ve watched them build a partnership, a business and a family. Their Portland storefront has become an anchor of the neighborhood, and it filled with Betsy’s jewelry and carefully curated goodies.

Secession Art and Design

shop online or make an appointment

This San Francisco store and gallery is a great supporter of artists. You can shop for everyone on your list here, and know that you are helping keep the character of San Francisco.

I love introducing people to people and things I enjoy. It’s particularly fun now, because geography doesn’t limit us. I can recommend theater in Chicago, an artist in Alabama, and a shop in Oakland. It’s one of the magical things about this time that I hope we hold on to.

Be Well. Stay Safe. Stay Kind. Stay Home. We can do this.