Angle of Incidence

I’ve been asked about the genesis of the images that I exhibited at Burning Man.  It is a series that I first exhibited in 2003, on the big, big wall at Dolores Park Cafe.  They don’t usually travel with me to art fairs, but I am always happy to have a chance to show them.

I use a slide projector as the sole light source for these photos. Slides are projected onto bald heads, and then re-photographed. What starts as a three dimensional scene is captured on two dimensional film, projected onto a three dimensional head, and captured on two dimensional film.  Here is a sampling from the collection.

The images come from my travels. I am drawn to unique textures and patterns, both man made and natural. I am moved by evidence of human ambition and innovation, and by evidence of time and evolution. I especially love when all of that converges!

One influence for this series is the book “Eye and Brain”, by R.L. Gregory, a small but meaty text that I picked up in college while filling out my “breadth requirements”. I designed lighting for theatre and dance since high-school, so I had experimented a lot with how to use light to define space and sculpt forms. Learning about how we receive and decipher light added a new dimension to my work. Our eyes and brain collaborate and collude to compile the evidence drawn from nerve impulses, past experiences, and intuition, to arrive at a plausible explanation for what we “see”.  The desire to make sense and find a comfortable logic makes us vulnerable to deception.

Images from this series are available by special order, and at my studio events.

I’d love to hear your impressions.

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