I thought this was a metaphor…

I started this blog thinking about travel as a metaphor, but suddenly my world is full of guidebooks and packing lists.

I am making final preparations for a week at Burning Man.  My packing list is nuts, and I say that as someone whose “normal” packing looks nuts to most people.  Do I have enough water for all of my needs for 7 days?  Enough food?  Enough sexy outfits that are suitable for climbing giant jungle gyms? Enough moisturizer? The list of dance parties  and utopian lectures that I don’t want to miss? Protection from extreme heat and dust storms?  Enough batteries to run my light up suit?  Does my bike have enough personality?  Did I bring presents?  And earplugs?

And then I decided to make an art installation…

These beloved prints were headed to the trash, after a mounting mishap left them all just damaged enough to make me crazy every time I looked at them on the wall.  This project will give them a last moment to shine, and then to glow.

Thanks to Joen Madonna for the spark, Kate Boyd for the brainstorming and scene shop, David James for the wonderful help and laughter and Ahmed, Hugo, Paul and Raymond at the Home Depot Pro shop for getting in the spirit of play and rule bending!

This may last a minute in the heat and wind, or it may last the week.  In any case, they will end in a blaze!  Look for the follow up post after Labor Day.

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