A Starting Point

An interviewer for Uncommon Goods asked me, “What quote keeps you motivated?”, and the question caught me off guard. I love words, I love a great turn of phrase, or a pithy bit of wisdom, but I didn’t have anything pinned to my wall or my bathroom mirror that I kept coming back to. I thought about great lines of poetry and philosophy that I could claim as my touchstone, but I couldn’t arrive at ONE that expressed the different forces that propel me.

Then I found it.

Not in a book of motivation, but in a bus shelter.

And then again at a park.

And in an airport.

And in a museum.


If there is one thing I love more than a great phrase, it is a great phrase with a double meaning. “You are Here” is simultaneously a profound, imponderable truth of our metaphysical condition, and the most banal and specific description of our physical placement in space.

Both of these meanings get me oriented to my surroundings, and help move me in the direction of my planned destination.

Ever since I picked it, it appears in my world, unbidden, with stunning regularity. I like it more and more, because every time I see it now, I feel like it was put there just for me, as a reminder to stop and BE where I am. A reminder to orient myself. A reassurance that I am not in a completely void and uncharted land.

This blog, Scenic Turnouts, will map my creative travels for the next few months, while I take a sabbatical from going on the road for art fairs. I hope you will join me along the way, and expand my world. I’ll tell you where my “here” is, and perhaps you can share yours.

 Be Part of it!

The next time you come across “You are Here”, take a picture and send it to me with a little description of where it is, and any other details you’d like to share about what it makes you think, and I’ll post it!


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3 responses to “Where?

  1. Audrey, I am so looking forward to joining you on your new journey. Thanks for reminding me to BE HERE NOW. -Jeff

  2. Audrey, this is very exciting. I look forward to your observations.
    Check out my blog, too, at roycloud.wordpress.com

    Jim Richter

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